When it comes to making a living sometimes our full time jobs are not enough. Although taking up a second job may sound like the best solution many people don’t have the time or energy to work somewhere else. If you’re looking for another job though instead of a second job you could pick up a side gig that not only works with your daily schedule but could help you make money on the side too. If you’re lost on ideas as to what you could do on your off time here are 5 part time activities you can do to help you make more money.

1. Graphic/Web Design

Are you a creative person who’s awesome at making web home pages or blog headers? If so graphic designing sounds like the perfect job for you as it easy to get started in and all you need is a computer and knowledge of a few programs such as adobe. Those who choose to go in it have the options of either working in-house for someone else or being a freelance web designer. Since all you need is a laptop business expenses are relatively small and you can everything you need to learn online. They typically make around $51,000  in terms of the national average but it varies per city and state.

2. Launch an Online Course

If you like to teach you can start an online course on anything that interest you whether it be about working out, learning an instrument or learning another language. Platforms such as Udemy or Pathwright are helpful when it comes to starting your own online course or you can create your own website if you’d like. The payout for using the platforms such as Udemy usually vary depending on the category you choose with prices listed around $ 50 or more for IT related courses and less for music and cooking related courses. According to Forbes an instructor can make $7,000 a year on Udemy.

3. Invest In Real Estate

If you’re interested in owning another house you might consider going into real estate. Though not the best choice for those who don’t have a consistent income, investing in real estate allows you to work in a market that is flexible schedule in a market that fluctuates but never dies and has no limits on what you can earn in a year. For those interested in making the move right now but worried about the possible risk of working in real estate can rest easy as it appears the housing market will stay strong till 2020. For more information you can click here.

4. Tax Preparation

If you know about tax rules and regulations in your state and are certified to work as a tax preparer than you can offer your services to other people and business who need help with their taxes and get paid well for it. Though this is more of a seasonal job a tax preparer can earn as much as $30,000 or more in just the tax season alone. If you want to start your own business however the  benefits to that include reducing your own tax liability, being able to work at home saving you on expenses and being able to work 3 months out of the year and still make a decent living depending on the demand.

5. Sign Up for Focus Groups

Though not the most lucrative option in this list for people who are looking to make a little side money they can always partake in giving their opinions on various products or services to teams of marketing analyst working for the companies that offers these goods to the public. This is to help them find ways to market their products or services better or improve their functions. They typically reward participants with small sums of cash somewhere between $20-$300 but the higher paid ones are harder to come by. If you are interested in making real money signing up for as many focus group studies possible will increase your chances of being selected. The link for one of them can be found by clicking here.

These are some of the ways you can make money on the side but there are of course tons of other options you can look into. If you’d like to know where you can earn money online you can click the link here.