As a business owner your brand means everything to you. It is identity of your business that helps others recognize your goods/services that you offer from similar ones offered from somewhere else because it is your trademark. A brand is something that is unique, something that is special for businesses small and large alike which is why some organizations invest so much on their brand name because it creates awareness of the core values that represent the company and the quality they’re getting from them when buying their products. Everyone can recognize companies like Nike because of the check symbol and Pepsi because of the red, white and blue circle and even though they’re simple in appearance there’s a lot that goes into that catchy slogan or tagline. It takes effort to create and maintain an image consistent with the company culture and it does not take much to ruin it too which is why every business owner should know what are some of the ways they can kill their brand. Below are 5 things that they should be aware of when it comes to protecting their brand.

Creating one
      Creating a brand is not something easy to do at first but you should know that it all successful brands start from somewhere and the best place to start is knowing what your company core values are. The core values can direct you to creating a brand that reflects what you’re offering and what message do you want your customers to receive when they buy your goods. Is it durability that you want your products to be known for? Or is it high quality at an affordable value. Talk to your customers if you can to get an idea of what they think of your goods so that you can use their feedback to create a brand identity. Through this you can create your tagline, logo or slogan if you haven’t already.

Failure to get noticed
      Once you’ve created your brand name you would do what ever it takes to get your business noticed so your brand must pop out to get attention. A tagline is always good but if there’s one thing that sticks more into people’s minds it is visuals as the quote say “a picture is worth a 1,000 words”. If you see any electronic devices with a apple that has a bite in it you automatically think of Apple because everyone knows that their logo. Creating one would be a more convenient way to not only grab someone’s attention but helps them remember what you better.

Overthinking your brand
      When it comes to creating a catchy tagline or phrase it’s better to not over-complicate it. Many people think when they’re creating a tagline for their business that it should be something clever and for their logo something so creative that it requires deep detail and other things to make it stand out. This could be counterproductive because over-complicating things may not get you the results you want which is why you should keep it simple. A clean simple design with one color and less detail can work just fine for your business as a logo since after all it works for Coca-Cola one of the largest beverage corporations in the world.

      Your company tagline should be a reflection of the things your business values or a message you want your consumers to know. Nike’s tagline “Just do it” emphasizes a message that everyone buying  pair of sneakers should just get up and be active or when Wheaties created their tagline for their cereals “breakfast of champions” they convey that message to the consumers loud and clear when they have images of prominent athletes on the cover of the boxes. Whether they actually eat the cereal or not for breakfast is besides the point but you get the idea of what they’re saying and how it represents what they believe. Having one that falsely represent your business is about could hurt your brand’s image with your business so your tagline should be as honest as possible.

Changing your branding image
      Every now and then there comes a time when you would like to change your brand. Rebranding is something that happens once a while because people may feel that their current brand is getting stale so they need to make a new one. Just like when you first create your brand you must never go overboard when it comes to rebranding or your customers may become more distant to your business. Think about whether or not the benefits in remaking your brand outweigh the risks and what are the other changes that could come with it. Let your customers know what changes you’re making in your brand so that they don’t become unfamiliar with your business and so on.

Branding is an important of any business that wants to stick out so don’t let any of these issues hold your business back. Consult with others if you’re having trouble creating a name for your business or draw inspiration from others that are in the same industry as you so that you can get a better idea of kind of brand your business should have. The sooner you do the better it will be for your business as the word gets out about your business which overtime people will start to recognize.