Business owners and entrepreneurs work on different hours than their employee counterpart sometimes pulling in 80 hour work weeks to handle the many different responsibilities that they have. While having a strong work ethic is important for someone running a business working more hours isn’t always the best method when it comes to running a business because the time you’ve spent working in one part of your business could have been minimized by using more smarter methods. When it comes to not only just business but life in general working smarter does not always mean working harder and here are 5 tips you can use so you can use your time well.

      Meetings are a very productive way of keeping everyone working in a business or organization up to date of any important matters, concerning or any new plans that are going to be carried out but having too much meetings can also be counter-productive in terms of how much time is spent in meetings. What you spend in 40 minute meetings can be saved through quick conversations and approvals. Every business owner knows how valuable time is and the more you can save from meetings the more time you can spend with important clientele or connecting with a new partner.

The Pomodoro Technique
      You may not have heard of this technique but it has become very popular with productivity fanatics. The technique requires that you break your daily task into 25 minute periods where you immerse your self in your work and after the 25 minutes are up you can write a check mark on your to do list and then unwind to do non-work related activities for 5 minutes. Once you’re ready to go back you restart the session again. A timer is a very helpful tool you can use to keep track of your time. After the fourth you can take a much longer break.

Getting organized
      Organization is key for a business to run as smooth and efficiently as possible. Luckily in this day and age you don’t need to have skills in organization to be organized as there are many tools that could do the job for you like Speek and Evernote which can help you do things such as sharing files to holding conference calls and a variety of other tasks for you. These apps can save you a lot of time that could be lost searching for important documents in a messy office.

Writing down your most important tasks for the following day 
      Writing down a short list of what needs to get done in the following day is a very useful technique being that this allows you to trick your brain into believing that everything you write down can be done. This works because the list is more concise and less overwhelming and writing down what you want to get done ahead of time spares you the trouble of having to worry about what you need to get done the following day. Keeping track of your to do list keeps you working ahead of time.

Choose Your Time Wisely
      Managing time is something that not everyone can master even business owners because your attention is focused on so many other things that would wear you out. Choosing how to spend your time wisely would prevent you from stretching yourself too thin and one of the ways you can do that is by establishing a daily routine. For example if you develop a routine for checking your messages earlier in the day you can set time aside to schedule other important affairs in your business. Overtime you will be more productive with your time and less focused on the things taking the time away from your business.

      These tips are some of the ways you can start managing your time better so that you stay focused on your business and not on trivial matters that can make you waste time that could have been spent for more important things. The more often you implement them the more it becomes a part of your daily schedule and you’ll see changes in how your business gets work done. You can have control over how much money your business makes but without time management skills your business could be out of luck.