As of now more millennials are entering the workforce and even taking up managerial roles while at the same token more baby boomers are beginning to retire as well leaving a gap between two generations who grew up with different point of views and values. Though many could adjust to the changes some young employees are still having difficulty navigating their way into the workplace. Young workers have so much to offer their employers through extensive knowledge of new technologies and innovative ideas that can help any organization succeed. Despite what they bring to the table however some millennials are still not prepared for the work place luckily though here are some tips that can improve this.

Give continuous evaluation
      According to a study conducted by Randstad and Future Workplace on millennials specifically Generation Z workers( 1994-2010) many young workers believe that feedback helps them improve their performance. In the survey 46% of millennial workers say that regular quality feedback has helped them in improve on their performance with 1/3 on the top performing companies providing feedback to their employees after completing various jobs ranging from small assignments to larger projects.

Set the stage for collaborative efforts
      Some young workers have admitted that though their education has helped them prepare for the workplace it has not helped them prepare how to work with older generation workers. Older and younger generation workers don’t have as much opportunity to work together so one smart solution that can be implemented so that they have more chances to do so is to establish group projects where young employees have opportunities to gain new skills and the older ones opportunities to provide guidance and also learn from their younger coworkers.

Enlighten them on how to manage and resolve conflicts
      For millennials working in management positions there is a variety of skills that they must possess that they cannot learn in a classroom one of the most important being interpersonal skills. Chances are conflict and disputes will take place at anytime in the workplace but how you deal with it can determine your success in resolving issues in the future. Because the key issue is lack of knowledge having new young managers work with much more experienced ones will help them gain the knowledge they need to resolve issues in the workplace. You can also take courses on how you can effectively deal with conflicts to better your skill.

Help them de-stress
      Stress can be the biggest roadblock to performing well at any job and it something that no one can avoid and affects everyone. New workers maybe stressed with their new position and the work environment they’re in but how they handle it can be determined by how you help them manage it. Some of the ways to do this is by fostering an environment of taking breaks and time offs, making sure they’re not buried under an unrealistic workload and offering advice on how they can manage their time management more efficiently. It’s always best that you make your safe open for anyone to visit if they’re feeling troubled and offer support.

Be honest with them
      Honesty is the best policy when it comes to communication in the work place. In person communication methods are the most preferred methods of interaction according to survey with 39% of millennials and Gen Z workers agreeing that they prefer to talk face to face. Even though we live in a digital age where almost everyone prefers to talk to each other through texts and social media when it it comes to business you can talk to your young employees in parson normally like everyone else. Good communication skills requires more face to face interactions so the more time invested in it the more millennials can improve theirs.

      Helping young employees reach their potential in the workplace is one of the greatest investments you can make in your organization. As they begin to enter the work force and take leadership roles there will be challenges that they would face and the more help they can get now the better off they will be when their coordinating people and activities essential for the success of the business. Start now, and you can build the next generation of leaders to fit your business’s needs.