Technology has come a long way in the 21st century. Every year something new and amazing is created that allows us to do things we never thought possible back then. Devices like mobile phones made our lives so much more convenient because we could talk to people anywhere without a mobile phone. Back then mobile phones had limited capability to do much else considering that the only other cool thing we could do with them besides call and text was play games like Snakes. With today’s smartphones however we can download music, watch videos, surf the web and do all sorts of other amazing things on top of playing games. Having a smartphone these days is basically like having a mini-computers that’s with you all the time but smartphones aren’t the only cool inventions that are blowing people’s minds now.

Below are some cool new technology that are making their presence known this year that could be of use to you especially if you own a business.


Augmented reality and virtual reality technology are some of the latest innovations taking the tech world by storm. Popular gadgets that use this technology include the  Oculus Rift released in 2016 and the HTC Vive both of which are headset devices that allow users to view the world of virtual reality like never before. VR technology is becoming popular with cell phone games as well an example of which include Pokemon Go which though not as hyped about now upon released it had 100 million downloads in the summer of 2016. Google and Facebook are also jumping in on the augmented reality hype as new devices such as augmented reality glasses are being made allowing you to manipulate 3D objects and project high res images.More information can be found here  and this link also.

AI & advance machine learning

One word that’s been thrown around often in the tech world is artificial technology or AI’s. AI’s and advanced machine learning are made of not only just other advance technology but an integration of various other processes such as neural networks and NLP that has allowed it to advance to the point of learning, understanding and adapting on its own. This gives it the capability to think almost like a human which we will probably get to see in upcoming apps. David Cearley, VP of Gartner Fellow, a consultant, and analyst enterprise had this to say “These implementations will be delivered as a new class of obviously intelligent apps and things as well as provide embedded intelligence for a wide range of mesh devices and existing software and service solutions.”If anything we might have be using phones and other devices that think for themselves pretty soon.

Conversational System

Conversational systems technology are generally used on devices such as iPhones and tablets that enable the users to speak through such technology such as chatbots. This conversational system however are moving beyond the commonly used computer and tablet devices to cover a full range of endpoints that will allow people to interact with their devices. This means that as this technology progresses you’ll see more cooperative efforts come about redefining the digital experience for some users. More sophisticated speeches will emerge that will allow devices to perform complex tasks that today’s technology can’t do for now.


While this type of technology may not sound new with the advancements being made today it is for certain that automation is one of those types of technological wonders that will be here to stay for a long Time to come. Robots are slowly starting to take up task that only people can exclusively do one of those jobs that most people would not predict includes journalism. It is likely that automation technology might take over certain office jobs too which is a scary thought considering many jobs are disappearing right now but only the future can predict what will happen next.

With all of these new technologies and advances being made, there’s no telling that our lifestyle will be like but we can expect to see much more amazing cool things this year which could make 2017 the hallmark year for tech wonders.