5 Techniques to Cope with Stress in your Life by Lynn Zingel

We all go through it sometime or another; this intruder called stress. It is part of life and we all feel stressed at some time. Too much stress can be harmful and is possibly the first cause of ill health today. How we interpret and deal with stress is a crucial factor.

Allow us to explore 5 techniques to deal with the stress in your life in a healthy and efficient way.

1. Discuss the troubles you are going through with acquaintances, loved ones or a professional person. “Bottling” it within will only produce more troubles later on. There are many support groups with people experiencing similar problems. 2. Exercise is important for relieving your tension. Exercise stimulates the delivery of certain chemical substances in your brain, called neurotransmitters. These substances help your body to react to stress. People who improve their exercise habits change in their mental attitudes which give them the building blocks to better cope with the stress. 3. Listening to your preferred music is great way of bringing down stress and relieving anxiety. 4. Healthy meals can become a crucial ingredient in restricting your tension. See to it that you eat three meals a day and make it an attempt to keep off caffeine and sugar. Natural stress supplements are also available. In addition to being safer than prescription medication; natural stress relief can be just as effective if not more so. Consult with your health care professional. 5. Sleep deprivation can cause stress. Go to bed early. Seven to eight hours sleep can make all the difference.

Confronting stress can be difficult. Every day it may seem you are forced in every direction, trying to adapt to others. The foremost precedence is to take care of you. You are the thread which holds your family together. If you are stressed, you won’t be much good to anyone.

Take a break every so often. Do something that you desire to do; whether it be purchasing a new outfit or going to a movie.

Some solitude is just as essential to you as it is for everyone else. Consider yourself as a gas tank; sooner or later you will conk out .

Laughter is now thought to be a tremendous stress reliever. Didn’t our granny tell us that years ago. Laughter Yoga clubs are springing us and is currently referred to as the “latest exercise craze” .

It is a good idea to acknowledge the kind of situation that causes you to feel stressed so you can learn to recognize it before it materializes and address it in your own way. You may even learn to look a the situation differently next time.

Overcoming and indeed surviving what life throws at us is a never-ending challenge, but if we change stress into a positive energy then it’s a great help. Remember, everyone needs some stress, its only when it becomes overwhelming, relentless and damaging that you need to correct the balance, look after yourself better and make move to reduce its impact on your life.

Life is too fleeting; and stress can shorten it further. Nothing is more significant than your health or frame of mind. Eleanor Roosevelt wisely said. “No one can make you a victim without your consent. ” She is right; it is, after all, up to you.

Lynn Zingel is the author and editor of www.icando.co.nz. Here you will find words of encouragement, inspiration, and challenge to change whatever you focus your mind upon.

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