If you’re a small business owner you should know how hard it can be marketing your business and with the growing popularity of social media and other online platforms it is more important now than ever that your business should have a presence on the web. The thing is though when you have a website or social media page finding relevant content to post on it can be a head scratching situation for those of us who are not creative geniuses. Besides articles and other things to post you can take this opportunity to blog about things relevant to your business and it’s customers. You may think that this may be a waste of time but here are 5 reasons why you should blog for your business.

Creating and continuing your relationship with your customers
      Blogging is one way you can continue to strengthen your relationship with your customers because you’re keeping them informed with topics, news and other important subjects that they’re interested in. Engaging with your customers online is important for marketing your business online and not only does blogging keeps your existing customers engaged but helps new customers get to know about your business better. Having blogs would allow you to build a honest relationship with your customers because you can interact with them on the comment sections of the page where they can share their feedback and you can answer any questions they have too.

Planning your content
      Blogging makes content planning easier for small businesses and can help them save money as well. Some small and large companies alike spend a fair amount of money on content planning and sometimes it does not go the way they intend it to go leading to a decrease on ROIs (return on investment). Larger businesses can afford to get away with this but small businesses don’t have the budget or resources to do so. When it comes to content planning there are 3 factors that are essential which are customer demographics, they problems they have and the solutions your goods/services can provide. They can use this information to get feedback from their consumers and create content that satisfies their needs and track your ROI.

Creating a connection between your brand and your customers
      Getting people to know your brand is an essential when it comes to marketing. People become more familiarized with brands the more often they see them which is franchises like McDonalds and Pepsi are so well known because you’re use to seeing the golden arches and the red, white and blue circle everywhere from billboards to TV commercials, ads and so on. And you’re familiar with some the values that these popular companies endorse because of the marketing strategies they use to give you an idea of what they believe in, what they support and get to know their business character. Blogging helps others get to know your business personally and what values your brand represents.

Increasing your online presence
      When you search anything online you have the options of finding content that can be as relevant as far back as a year ago to an hour ago. Search engines look for the most up to date content online and by blogging you’re creating an opportunity for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find relevant content to post for people to see. When you write key search words into your blogs too you can direct people searching for something that your business could provide to your website too increasing traffic. Nowadays a strong web presence is important if you want your business to survive.

Attracting Attention
      Through blogs you can help your business secure it’s finances as well. If you’re a start-up looking for investment from a venture capitalist you have a lot on your plate. Venture capitalists usually invest in businesses they see will provide a large return on their investment going back to and getting the attention of many of these venture capitalist not to mention convincing you to invest in them can be hard. If your post gets the attention of other B2B blog writers provided it has relevant content they can post your blogs increasing your chances of getting noticed or you can post on websites like Pulse which is a popular platform for posting blogs. One last tip sites like LinkedIn is a common place where you can find VCs and the more you provide content that helps them get to know your company, what it has achieved or what solutions they have solved the more likely they are to invest in you.

      In this day in age marketing your business especially through online platforms betters your chances of getting noticed by what could be potential customers. Blogging is one method you can use to market your business and plan your content and for small businesses it’s a must that you blog. It takes a lot of work creating useful content for people to read and it’s true being creative is a lot of work if you don’t have the time or skills when it comes to it there’s always people you can outsource it too to help create interesting content to keep your customers and other important third parties engaged to your business.