Interns can be a very useful asset to your business since you get the benefit of having another employee without having to spend as much or not at all on wages and other expenses. College students in particular are the most common intern applicants considering that they have the knowledge and the drive to do what’s expected of them. They are a great benefit to your business as they increase productivity without expending much on cost and your company gets the bonus of working with new talent working before they’re eligible to enter the workforce. With all of this mind it’s important to know that because they’re working for experience they may perform the same task as other employees they cannot be treated the same as the main objective is to provide training and mentorship  and not have them be used as free labor. If you’re thinking about  in considering on hiring interns for your business  here are some reasons as to why they are worth having around.

They bring hot new ideas and views

Interns are usually more creative and knowledgeable of trends that are happening in the world. There are a lot of things interns can learn about their employers and their business and at the same time there are things employers themselves could learn from them. It could be fair to say that today’s interns are more tech savvy as they grew up using digital devices and chances are they know more about how to use social media to drive sales or improvise their marketing campaign then someone whose been in the business for 30+ years. In addition to that trends and methods of doing things are always changing and most interns have been taught the newest techniques or ways of doing things, knowledge they can share with your business to help it stay on point on what’s new in the industry.

Internships could be thought as trial periods for something more

Having an intern helps a business assess whether or not they may want to keep them long term or cut them lose if they’re not performing to the standards that you’d want them to perform in. This is a cost effective and easier way of determining if that person is the right one for your business given that interns work for a definite time period which would allow you to observe their performance. If you value their work effort and find their skills and talent beneficial to the needs of the company you can offer them a paid position when their internship is over. This is not as easy to do with employees as there is a process that includes lots of paper work and the cost of replacing them can be a burden on you.

Interns can be brand ambassadors

Interns at school are surrounded by their peers and so they could act as advocates for your business. When a student completes their internship they acquire valuable knowledge, skills and experience that they would take with them throughout their careers and if they’ve feel like they’ve gotten something useful out of their experience they would like to share it with others. When you have past interns tell others about their experience at your business they could make referrals to it and get more people to come to your business. This may not be much for larger corporations but for small businesses this is the perfect way to get brand exposure for free and every business knows the value of a good marketing strategy.

You could pass down knowledge to them

You may love what you do for a living so much that you frequently share it with others who may not have the same passion or understanding as you. Interns are the perfect people you may want to share all that you know with because they’re there to learn as much as they can from your business so there’s no better person to impart what you know with then interns. Chances are they may want to learn about what makes your business so successful and if you again consider on hiring them long term you can further instill knowledge in them and help them develop the necessary skills they need to progress in their careers. Guidance and advice is the best thing you can offer them and so helping them build upon will help them learn what they need to prosper in your business or other career opportunities for them.

Attracting talent

Because smaller businesses have trouble attracting the attention of potential interns because of competition with larger firms but if there is one thing that interns value it is hands on experience. Interns don’t want to be in the backseat pushing papers and delivering coffee or doing other types of errands because that’s not what they’re there for but if you can get them to be involved in real world experiences they will be more motivated to be a part of your business. How would you do this though? The best way would be being involved in college career fair events and passing flyers on local places near campuses. Starting an internship program is a good way to attract more people to your business too. It may be difficult at first but if you manage to find the right person with the spirit and work ethic to be apart of your business through time they could be your second in command and might end up succeeding you in business which is one among many reasons as to why having interns could benefit your business.