4 reasons why you should build or acquire a targeted mailing list by Yaw Boakye-Yiadom

Marketing products and services using targeted mailing list, a technique which is effective and has been around for a while, has so many benefits. Although social media marketing has been the buzz for the last few years, recent research has proven that targeted mailing lists are one of the most effective marketing tools around. But what specific benefits do marketers using targeted mailing lists get?

1. Make money instantly without a product of your own

Does building a targeted marketing list without a product or service to sell generate money? If you are one of those who has been wondering then you are going to have an answer.

People go to great extents to create marketing lists. One restaurant owner, who operated a restaurant for many years, created a targeted marketing list of people who patronize restaurants simply by offering free WIFI in his restaurant in exchange for their email addresses. Some create mailing lists by collecting information from visitors to their websites or customers who purchase particular products.

A targeted marketing list, in and of itself, is inherently valuable. After creating a highly targeted marketing list you do not need a product or service of your own to make money. There are many companies out there that are looking for such lists. You can make money by selling the marketing lists. Some do charge per contact; for example $0.50 per contact. You do not have sell it to only one person. You can sell it to as many people as possible.

2. Get access to the most profitable markets without spending money on marketing research

One reason why you should acquire a targeted marketing list is to gain access to markets. You would be doing so without conducting any market research. Many companies in marketing products or services conduct market research before or after building a product or offering a service. A market research provides new information on markets, customers or the competition, and it can be very expensive. A good targeted marketing list is so effective that many companies do not even need to conduct any market research.

Therefore, whenever you are hard-pressed and therefore can’t conduct a good market research, create or purchase a targeted marketing list and your marketing campaign would just be as effective.

3. Maximize your income by lowering advertising costs

Advertising costs are soaring. Pay per click advertising, although effective, is very expensive, and the costs have been rising year after year as advertisers continue to raise their bids in order to get traffic. To add to this are the low conversion rates. All these ratchet up the costs.

A targeted mailing list would lower your advertising costs and help you increase your profits. It may seem expensive but if you try you should see a marked increase in profits. Mailing lists are targeted. Each and every contact on the list has indeed expressed interest in receiving information related to a particular product or industry or did participate or purchase a product related to the industry.

4. Reduce your workload

Hunting for customers can be laborious. But when you are hard pressed for time or don’t have the required staff this is really not an option. Pay per click campaigns do take time. You may not even know the conversion rates.

Targeted mailing lists, however, can be acquired almost instantly. There are many companies out there that specialize in business-to-consumer and business-to-business mailing lists. Contacting and purchasing the right mailing list can be done in under an hour. Sending out your campaigns to the contacts on the targeted mailing lists should take a few hours. Within days you should see a positive response to your campaign with high conversions. It shouldn’t be too difficult for any body to see that targeted mailing lists reduce the marketing workload.

From the reasons above, we can conclude that building or acquiring a targeted mailing list is easy and very effective at increasing profits.

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