When you’ve worked hard to establish your business and encourage its growth, it makes good sense to ensure that it is protected. However, some business owners overlook the importance of public liability insurance. Perth business owners unsure about whether they need it, need to check out these four important reasons.

Protection Against Malpractice, Negligence, and Professional Misconduct Claims:
Business services carry an expectation for professionalism, and if something does go wrong, you could find yourself being held liable. If you have provided ineffective or incorrect advice, there is the possibility of a claim being lodged against you for negligence or misconduct. Many public liability insurance packages can be tailored to include professional indemnity protection to cover your financial loss for any legal action or damages awarded against you.

Protection From Property Damage and 3rd Party Injury:
If you have people around your business activities or you work at a client’s home, you need protection against accidental injuries or property damage. Public liability insurance can protect you from the risk of legal action and any claims made against you. Whether you are found responsible or not, this type of coverage protects you against any compensation awarded and your legal defence costs. Even something as minor as a client tripping on a piece of your equipment could lead to a legal bill adding up to thousands of dollars. A more significant incident could leave you in such financial liability that your business, home, and other assets are put at risk.

Membership Requirements:
If you are a member of an organisation such as the NHAA, you may be required to hold specialist insurance. Many organisations have membership requirements that include professional indemnity and public liability insurance. Generally, your membership will be invalidated if you cannot provide proof of insurance such as a certificate or copy of your policy.

Protect Your Reputation and Maintain Professional Standards:
Finally, you need to consider your business image. The image portrayed is a message to our clients and can make or break a business. Holding the proper insurance not only provides you with protection but can showcase your professional standards and enhance your reputation. A good insurance package will help you to pursue legal avenues to defend your reputation and your business standards. It will also showcase your commitment to service to any potential customers. Regardless of the type of business activities you engage in, the proper insurance will help you to stand apart from unprofessional companies and service providers.

If you are interested in a public liability quote or any other business insurance, you should speak to us. GSK Insurance specialises in offering public liability and other business insurance packages. Our team would be delighted to discuss your specific requirements and help you to ensure that your business is protected.


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