Since its creation, Instagram was introduced as a photo-sharing app to create fun among users and now, it has become bound and determined selling, audience building, networking and lead generating a tool for both the individual and brands. Everyone who has their account on Instagram (personal or business) make all possible efforts to get more likes, comments and most followers on their profile.

How to get more Instagram followers

Create and optimize your profile

Your profile should be made in a way that looks unique to stand out among all of them available over the platform. Make amendments in your profile, customize it to look good and in this way, let your targeted audience know who exactly you are, with complete information about the products or services you deal with.

The first question every newbie ask is “How”? Start by focusing on your username which must be easily recognizable by the customers, it’s better to use your business name. In case your business name has already been taken, combine your business’s first name with the username. It will help people reaching to your profile while searching. An ideal profile is the ultimate way to get real followers for Instagram.

Use relevant hashtags and make cross-promotion for them.

On Instagram, hashtags works as a tool that tie-up communication of different users who are not associated with a similar stream anyway. Using relevant hashtags provides you with the assistance of exposing your posts to an even more audience apart from them who are already aware of your business or follows you. When it comes to finding relevant hashtags, schedule time to find out the hashtags similar niche business or industry is using to gain popularity.

Being an established business, you probably have your dedicated hashtags. For instance, you have created #deliciousmoose, that’s absolutely nice, but you need to make people aware of using those hashtags. Its presence is must on your profile, website, emails but takes a step back, go offline and have it mentioned over all the prints related to your business anyway, including bills, receipts as well as ad pamphlets.

Your content must be unique

Businesses might have a team to regulate all of their social media accounts, they should appoint one or two people to manage all Instagram activities. While making a selection of the people, make sure to prioritize over experienced personnel who is an expert in handling all necessary activities associated with the Instagram business account in addition to the knowledge of convenient features that remain updated time to time.

The content of your post must be unique, gives a definite meaning along with all sorts of information that a customer might probably have in their mind before they decided to switch to your brand.

Polish up your photo-editing skills

Instagram is such a social media platform where posts matters a lot. You might be forgotten about making bad tweets on Twitter, but your Instagram followers are not ready to accept any mistakes done for the posts. Do you have basic photography or editing skills? If yes, then enhance it using various editing options given over Instagram. Since its a mobile app, most of the pictures uploaded are shot from mobile-only therefore you will have a better variable to make posts attractive using Instagram filters and post editing features that have been updated this year.


Keeping in mind the need of Instagram marketing, we will cover sections such as making better use of hashtags, focusing on content and adopting better promotion tactics, in today’s article. Let’s get started but before have a quick look on Instagram.

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