Your blog posting can make or break the level of ‘success’ you experience with your site. The consistency with which you post new blog entries is of course very important however other factors are just as influential. In order to increase blog traffic you want to supply your readers with useful information but you also want to give them a bit of variety as well.

Here are 3 ways in which you can ‘spice’ up the entries you post so that readers will come away with something unique and/or different every time.

Switch up Your Topics

Of course your blogging site will have a central theme but that does NOT mean you should focus your posting on topics that are always directly related to it. A little deviation is necessary in order to give your readers a more rounded perspective on the main topic itself. This will also help break up the ‘monotony’ for both the reader and yourself , the author, by exploring other ‘avenues’ that touch upon the central theme of the site. Variety is the spice of life!

Pack with Useful Information

Regardless of what you base your blog entries on always strive to supply useful information for the reader. After all this is why they visit your site! Avoid filler for the sake of volume in any post and take the attitude that if you do not have anything useful to say wait till you do.

Remember visitors return because they have gained something from the content you posted. Once they feel there is nothing to be gained by returning they will likely leave for good.

Inject Your ‘Unique” Insight

Always try to offer your own perspectives on the topic when applicable. This is what gives your blog entries originality and a distinctive flavor. Consider the site your ‘pulpit’ and take every opportunity to express your opinion in some way because readers always have an interest in the opinions of others. In fact your perspective is the single biggest factor that makes your content so unique. Expressing your opinion in you own unique way is awfully difficult to duplicate therefore this will help you stand out from other sites.

Your blog posting is the single biggest asset you have to build upon when establishing your site online. Consistency and the frequency of your blog entries are determining factors in your success of course but there are a few other more ‘subtle’ factors that will make positive contributions as well. In order to increase blog traffic and sustain its flow you need to supply readers with useful information along with variety. The 3 different ways we spoke of above in which you can lend some ‘spice’ to blog entries helps keep readers and yourself from getting bored. By focusing on delivering useful and unique content like this for readers you stand a greater chance of developing a larger and more loyal subscriber base. By doing so obviously your subscribers are content that they are benefiting from what you post while you are benefiting from a large following as well. Everybody wins!