1.) FedEx was founded in 1971 by Fred Smith after he successfully saved and raised $94 million but was on near bankruptcy 3 years later due to rising fuel cost. Taking what was left of the companies wealth of $5,000 Smith went to Las Vegas and played blackjack all weekend amassing over $25,000 by Monday allowing the company to continue operating for awhile longer before he could raise enough money to save it.

2.) In the year 2000 Wal-Mart was sued 4,851 times equaling about once every 2 hours.

3.) A TV antenna company sent Comcast a frosted cake thanking them for being the worst company in America.

4.) The third founder of Apple Ronald Wayne sold his share of Apple for $800 after working for only 12 days. If he hadn’t his share would have been worth $35 billion today.

5.) According to Forbes magazine if a Google employee passes away their spouse of domestic partner would ” -receive a check for 50% of their salary every year for the next decade.”

6.) Robert Chesebrough inventor of Vaseline ate one spoonful of it every Morning.

7.) Amazon was originally named Cadabra from “Abracadabra” but people misheard it as “cadaver”

8.) Google rents goats from a company called California Grazing so that they could eat the weeds and brush at Google HQ.

9.) Microsoft corporate campus is dealing with an overpopulation of rabbits

10.) Pepsi is named after the digestive enzyme pepsin.

11.)  Bank of America use to called the Bank of Italy in 1904.

12.)  When Scott Paper first manufactured toilet paper they did not put their name on the product out of embarrassment.

13.) Samsung is also involved in weapons manufacturing, theme park management and life insurance.

14.) The IRS employee manual has instructions for collecting taxes after a nuclear war.

15.) Google was originally named “BackRub” by it’s founders.



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