In the world of business, marketing is an essential form of communication that lets your customers know what it is of value that your business can offer them and a good marketing strategy requires research and focuses on product mix to attain the maximum profit for your business. Without a marketing strategy it would be pretty difficult to know what your consumers want and if you spend little to no investment in it your business could miss out on a large demographic of potential customers.With all the tools and resources we have at our finger tips it is become more easier than ever to find creative ways to advertise your business but the success of your marketing campaign is nothing without knowing  some key information that would enable you to make the right marketing decision. Here are 20 facts about marketing that could help you make those decisions.

Social Media/ The Web

1.) According to marketers the two most useful perks that come with marketing through social media is an increase in traffic to their website and brand awareness. Source: Social Media Examiner

2.) About 63% of Facebook users regularly interact with content on the platform everyday.

3.) There are more than 290,000 status updates, about 136,000 pictures uploaded and more than 500 comments made on Facebook every minute. Source:CMO Council

4.) In B2B marketing, marketers use the top 3 social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter plus Youtube for content distribution. Only 55% of them use Google+, 34% Pinterest, 22% Instagram, 22% Vimeo,  and 14% Tumblr. (Digital Marketing Philippines)

5.) The price businesses are paying for ads on facebook has increased by 122% per ad compared to 2015.Source: Jeff Bullas


6.) Bloggers are compensated depending on the agency or brand they work for and the blogging activity they’re taking part in.  26% say that they’re are expected to be paid for blogging for the company they work for though this as well depends on other factors such as the subject matter but those blogging in the fashion, lifestyle and beauty industry now expect to get paid for blogging. (Marketing Magazine)

7.)46% of people read more than one blog article a day. Source: HubSpot

8.)28% of corporate marketers say that frequent blogging is the number one challenge facing SEOs. (MediaPost)

9.)About 31% of Fortune 500 companies maintain an official blog, a 3% decrease when compared to the number of those that had official blogs in 2013. (Sword and the Script)

10.) Behind retail and brand sites, blogs are ranked as the third most influential online resource used in helping customers make decisions on whether to buy a good or service. (Marketing Magazine)


11.)Marketers interested in increasing traffic into their websites without depending on a variety of programs must invest more in  visual images, video and images which will increase traffic by 13% as oppose to more traditional content. (MediaPost)

12.) According to (Ber|Art) 52% of consumers say they feel more confident about making online purchases choices after they’ve watched said products on videos .

13.) In addition about 46% say that they’re more likely to look for more information about the product or service after seeing it on an online video. 41 Stories)

14.)According to a survey conducted by Animoto customers are four times more likely to watch a video on a product rather than reading a short summary of it online. It is said that programmatic video will increase to 50% of banner display and video spend by 2019 according to a research study done by Magna Global.

15.)Blog posts that are accompanied with a video attract three times as many inbound links than blogs without videos. (41 Stories)

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